• “Unlove You” Makes You Fall In Love With Jennifer Nettles All Over Again

    Jennifer Nettles, formerly of duo Sugarland, recently released her newest solo single from her upcoming album. “Unlove You” is a heartfelt ballad that most women can relate to – being in love with a man but knowing it won’t work out.

    Co-written with songwriting superstar Brandy Clark, the song features strong lyrics such as, “They call it fire/But it feels just like drowning/Well the weight of my burning desire/Closing in all around me/I wasn’t lost until you found me.” The song shows a darker side to Nettles than some of her previous hits, including “Stuck like Glue” and “It Happens,” but still showcases Nettles’ hit making skills.

    The song officially impacts radio January 11.