Video Roundup: Three Must-Watch Releases from Heather Morgan, Jillian Jacqueline, and Kimberly Kelly

Sometimes it takes a trip to somewhere new and enchanting to summon the creative muse, and sometimes it finds you on the living room floor. Heather Morgan’s latest video captures the desert beauty of Joshua Tree, while Kimberly Kelly returns to Texas roots and Jillian Jacqueline hangs at home.

In the visuals from some of country’s finest new artists, Heather Morgan, Jillian Jacqueline, and Kimberly Kelly each deliver an expertly-crafted take on a piece of a relationship. For Morgan, clear skies are not quite yet in sight, while Jacqueline and Kelly each look to beginnings. Watch below, and dig deeper on Jacqueline’s Side B, Kelly’s Don’t Blame It On Me, and Morgan’s soon-to-be-released Borrowed Heart.

If you’re caught up in the complications of a past relationship, you’ll relate to Heather Morgan’s emotive “Your Hurricane”:

If you’re starting something new – but think you should come with a warning sign – watch Jillian Jacqueline’s “If I Were You” featuring Keith Urban:

When things are starting to go right (yikes!), here’s Kimberly Kelly’s “Don’t Blame it On Me”: