Watch Adam Wakefield’s Heartfelt New Video for “Blame It On Me”

The Voice alum Adam Wakefield released his powerful single “Blame It On Me”  this spring, and has just released the corresponding music video. The track was written by friends of Wakefield: Adam Cunningham, Nolan Neal and Aron Leigh. Although he didn’t have a hand in cowriting, Wakefield says, “This is one of my favorite songs that my buddies wrote. It sounds like something I would have written, but they beat me to it so I just took it and made it my own, so to speak.”

The video captures the drama of the lyrics, with a storyline that details a complicated relationship on the rocks and flashes from scenes of loneliness to hopeful texts like “The show is tonight. It would be great to see you.” The rest of the video features performance shots of Wakefield rocking out on stage. “I love having a visual piece to go along with the song,” Wakefield says. “It was an easy shoot because so much of my part was playing on stage with the band, and that’s what I love to do the most.”

Watch the video below, and follow Wakefield on his socials here.