Watch Devin Dawson’s Vintage-Cool Debut Music Video for “All On Me”

Fun, casual, sweet, and the signature black and white color scheme: it’s all in Devin Dawson’s new music video for his debut single “All on Me.” Director Justin Clough does a great job of presenting Dawson as a serious artist and the cool, deep, mysterious guy who’d show you a good time.

The black and white video portrays Dawson and a brunette girl on a casual, flirty afternoon date. The setting is an old industrial garage area overgrown in grass and covered in vines. He strolls up casually with his guitar slung over his shoulder, and serenades the girl as she leans up against a vintage Ford Crown Victoria. Later, they explore the forgotten buildings, trying on leather jackets and fiddling with car parts and old lottery tickets. There are also endearing shots of the couple running through the tall grass holding hands and goofing around.

Because of the excellent cinematography and Dawson’s genuine ease in front of the camera, this is not your typical debut video. “All on Me” is strong single by itself, and the new video will only help to push Dawson to the next level. Plus, seeing a video shot in the vintage black-and-white style is way too cool.