[Watch] Troy Cartwright Releases Transcendental Video For “Arkansas”

Singer-songwriter Troy Cartwright released his video for the second single off of his EP, Don’t Fade, earlier today. Taking viewers on a tour of the hills and forests in middle Tennessee, the video features the Texas native, a few of his buddies, and an adorable dog in the woods throwing stones into a river and fishing. While it remains light-hearted the spiritual, almost mystical scenery allows for the lyrics to permeate and an overall feeling of melancholy set in.

“I think we’ve all spent restless nights in and out of dreams that seem all too real grappling with the uncertainty of where to go next,” says Cartwright. “The beauty of if it for me comes in the realization that time marches on, and by reflecting and learning from our past, we eventually get past it and are almost better for it.” As a writer on the track, the lyrics are inevitably about loss and longing, made clear by the far off looks given around the campfire.

The video, directed by Andrew Holzschuh will make you want to gather your thoughts and your hiking boots go exploring into the woods.

Cartwright is the opening act for Granger Smith in 2017 and fans can grab his EP on iTunes.