Where Are They Now? Top Five Little-Known Brett Eldredge Songs.

Brett Eldredge is often known for his silky-smooth, rich voice and his quirky Twitter posts. He’s become somewhat of a household name as the three singles from his debut album—“Don’t Ya,” “Beat of the Music,” and “Mean to Me”— effortlessly flowed through the radio airwaves and to the top of the charts. If the rapid growth of his fan base and #1 singles weren’t enough indication of his success, Eldredge was recently named New Artist of the Year at this year’s CMA Awards.

So where has this talented artist been hiding all these years? Well, it turns out he had been spending some quality time on cozy couches…to spread his music via YouTube, that is. Eldredge has posted a vast collection of videos known as “Couch Sessions,” that feature three things: him, his guitar, and (of course) a couch. If you are unfamiliar with these famous “Couch Sessions,” they are beautifully stripped-down versions of songs he wrote and co-wrote that truly showcase his sultry voice and impressive songwriting ability.

In all honesty, you should check out every video—they are all rather remarkable. But for now, I have gathered my favorites; some that made it on the album, some that didn’t, and some that were recorded by different artists. So, in
no particular order, here are my top five picks for Brett Eldredge’s “Couch Sessions.”

“It Ain’t Gotta Be Love”

If you are in the mood for a good-time dancing song, this is the one you’ll want to blast through the stereo. Unbeknownst to most, this was Brett’s 1st single, released on iTunes in 2011. Sadly, it didn’t make it to the final release of the record, nor is it still available on iTunes. And that, my friends, is a true shame because this playful song is sure to get everyone on their feet and ready to move!


When you are going through a difficult time or are just in a chill mood, this song is sure to hit the spot. This eloquently-written song addresses that, while so many things in our lives will change (and are even meant to change), feelings of true love never will. Although this, too, didn’t make the album’s final cut, it would have fit comfortably next to other ballad-like songs on his album such as “Waited Too Long” and “Bring You Back.” It is truly a sweet song that’s in need of some love.

“I Think I’ve Had Enough”

Many of you may know this song because it was recorded by the very talented Gary Allen. But don’t be mistaken, this “Couch Session” isn’t exactly a cover; it was written by Eldredge, himself. Taken at a local pond, this video shows Brett’s deep passion and connection to the heart-wrenching tune. Meanwhile, busy crickets and other nighttime creatures lend some background music that enhance the emotions felt in the lyrics. Trust me, you won’t be able to get enough of this song!


If you weren’t yearning for summer already, this song will definitely do the trick. Co-written by Eldredge and his buddy Trent, it is the perfect light-hearted song that you’ll want to play as you ride around with the windows down. Even though I wish it would have been on his debut album, I have high hopes that this song could make it onto Brett’s sophomore album.

“One Mississippi”

This is a song that deserved to be on the final release of the album–and thankfully, it was! The lyrics express the regret of losing love and as a result, losing part of yourself.  It is an incredibly powerful and heartfelt song that paints the picture of someone trying to move on from a breakup and wishing the pain of missing their love would subside. Paired with a piano, this is, without a doubt, one of the most emotion-filled songs on the album that is entirely relatable and moving.

For more info on Brett and his music (including all of his “Couch Sessions”), visit bretteldredge.com