Would You Be Easton Corbin’s Love Song?


We’ve always been a fan of new Easton Corbin music and this time around is no different. Back in January, Corbin released “Clockwork,” the lead single to his yet-to-be-titled third studio album, and just this week released another track from said album.

“Baby Be My Love Song” is a mid-tempo ballad to a girl whom Corbin is dedicated to spend the rest of his night with, even after the music stops playing. We can’t help but notice a distinct nod to Luke Bryan’s “Play It Again” with the repetition throughout each chorus as Corbin croons “I feel a little sing-a-long, sing-a-long, sing-a-long comin’ on.” Actually, it’s pretty much a lyrical combo of Bryan’s “Play It Again” and “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” – so basically we love this song. The best part though is that Corbin always retains that deep-rooted country integrity in all of his songs. It’s sonically classic and lyrically current. Plus, he’s got that deep-toned Garth Brooks(esque) voice which does well for country radio.

Our question to you is: how many times are you gonna play this song over (and over again) before the release of the entire album?

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

The song was released to iTunes on September 8th, 2014.


  • I’m really enjoying this one so far. Is it groundbreaking? No, but it is very enjoyable.