• Zac Brown, Niko Moon, and Ben Simonetti are ‘Sir Rosevelt’

    sir rosevelt

    Zac Brown, Niko Moon, and Ben Simonetti revealed after a cryptic band announcement a couple weeks ago that they are Sir Rosevelt, debuting along with the news the world premiere for their song “Sunday Finest.” In a video, Brown shares that he and Moon have been working together for ten years – the two are frequent co-writers, and Brown signed Moon years ago to his record label. Simonetti engineered Brown’s last record with the Zac Brown Band, Jekyll & Hyde, which pushed the band’s sonic boundaries and explored new genre pairings.

    Much like Jekyll & Hyde, the debut release from Sir Rosevelt doesn’t fall solidly in one genre. Trumpets meet a funky bassline for a song that spans both decade trends and genre lines. It’s highly danceable, with a visual pairing that’s colorful and bold. “It’s like painting with a whole bunch of new colors,” Brown says of the band’s creative directions. The trio are working on an album, to be released soon.

    Watch the introductory video as well as the video for “Sunday’s Finest” below.