Bobby Hamrick’s “What It Can’t Have” is Relatable and Super Catchy

Honest lyrics, interesting instrumentation, and smooth vocal delivery? Triple check for Bobby Hamrick in his new song, “What It Can’t Have.”

“I’ve been loving writing for strings recently and I’m really exited to share this song!” Hamrick shared on social media. The string arrangement, which begins the song and appears prominently for a mega-catchy hook, serves both to anchor the song and create the fluid motion that dances perfectly with the sung melody. It’s a fresh form of ear candy, and begs for repeat listens.

Alongside its catchiness, “What It Can’t Have” presents a relatable reality: wanting what you can’t have, painfully so. “I want the chair already taken / I want the hand already held / Wanna catch the eye that isn’t looking / I just can’t help myself,” Hamrick sings.

Listen now:

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