Chris Bandi Shares Love and Heartbreak on New Songs

Country crooner Chris Bandi released two beautifully done new tracks today, “Only One” and “Rain Man.” On “Only One,” Bandi is breezy and romantic, with smooth grooves and a top-down summer vibe.

The melodic missive contrasts nicely with “Rain Man,” a refreshing look at the side-effects of heartbreak. The reggae-leaning beat may feel sunny, but it’s paired with a mellower mood: Bandi is sick of the sun, and needs weather commensurate with the blues he’s feeling. “I need the storm clouds pouring down setting the mood,” he sings.

Through both, Bandi’s smooth and expressive vocals shine. Both are penned by the artist, “Only One” a co-write with Bobby Hamrick and Brandon Hood and “Rain Man” written with Andy Albert and Jason Massey.

Listen to both on Spotify:




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