CJ Solar’s ‘Get Away With It’ EP is Summery Southern-Rock Perfection

On the heels of his surprise smash “Up Down” performed by Morgan Wallen and Florida Georgia Line, CJ Solar has released a 5-track EP packed with windows-down jams and strong songwriting. The easy-riding “American Girls” capitalizes on cliches, but manages to feel fresh and relatable, sprinkling a touch of humor (“Make a boy say damn when he sees the way they be looking when they drive by / Make you wanna give Uncle Sam a high five“) in with the hard-hitting rock production. Solar’s vocals sound particularly polished, and the dominating gritty guitar sets the tone for the tracks to follow.

The sentimental “Same Town” touches on community and common ground, listing the little things that connect Friday nights across the country, despite geographic differences. Key Lyrics: “Yeah your map dot might be bigger than mine / With a different name on your city limit sign.” “Airplane” layers on a little romance – “We got this dot on the map ablaze / Girl I bet you could see it from an airplane – and celebrates the sparks that overtake the initial stages of a new and exciting relationship. Solar’s delivery is easygoing and effortless, yet he effectively conveys emotions that match his lyrics.

“Get Away With It,” a cautious description of a girl’s power over the narrator, and closing track “Hell No,” an anthemic contemplation on right vs. wrong that boasts clever wordplay throughout the verses and chorus, round out the EP, which showcases both Solar’s fun and songwriting expertise. Find more info here.


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