Country Music ‘Looks Good’ on Native Run

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Artist: Native Run 

Album: Good On You EP Release

Date: June 3, 2014

Label: Show Dog Universal Music



Virginia natives Bryan Dawley and Rachel Beauregard are on the run with the Nashville music scene. Together, known as Native Run, the duo is broadening the borders that define country music. Creating a new dynamic within the genre, Native Run’s eclectic harmonies feel unique and a refreshing change from the current radio climate.

Native Run’s new EP, Good On You, features a short collection of up-tempos that will undoubtedly be on your summer playlist. The title track, “Good On You,” is a hard-to-get-out-of-your-head taste of the fire between the duo. Slightly reminiscent of Sugarland’s “All I Want To Do,” the duo takes an in-your-face approach to your typical relationship song, much like their approach to the genre. On the track, the duo sings, “I don’t have to know your name to know that we’d look good in a frame.” On “Cheap Thrill” and “The Party Came Looking For Me,” the duo pair pop-infused drum beats with acoustic guitar, banjo, and mandolin to define their multi-genre sound.

Nashville powerhouse Luke Laird is behind Native Run, not only as a producer, but as a publisher as well. Laird is an acclaimed songwriter with 15 No. 1 songs under his belt (“Give Me Back My Hometown,” “Pontoon”), a CMA, ACM, as well as being a Grammy award-winning producer (Kacey Musgraves, Same Trailer, Different Park), and the co-owner of Creative Nation, a music publishing and management company owned by Laird and his wife, Beth. Besides Native Run, their roster includes Maggie Chapman and Barry Dean.

The only criticism of this radio friendly EP is that we don’t get to hear the duo’s softer side. With their undeniable musical chemistry, we are missing such harmonious moments from them as “When I’m Taken” and “Something.” We are anxiously awaiting their full-length album to include such favorites. Until then, we will wear out these incredible songs.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.05.46 AMRating: 4/5 

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