David Gray Stuns in Ryman Auditorium Performance

david gray

David Gray is not typically described as a country artist. The English singer-songwriter’s work ranges from folk to alternative to rock, sometimes even infused with electronic elements. But his musicianship, talent, and lyrical and compositional prowess is universal – many of the elements present in his music, such as the raw and emotional conviction with which he sings, are those which compel in the country genre. Gray’s career is illustrious, international, and impressive – fans of any genre may recognize hits such as “Babylon” or “This Year’s Love” – and his latest single, “Back in the World,” continues in this vein.


Gray took the stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville last week to standing applause, and had the crowd engaged and involved from the first note, new release Mutineers‘ “Birds of the High Arctic,” through the five song encore, which began with a solo performance of “Babylon” and concluded with “The One I Love.” Gray didn’t talk much during the set, aside from a modest and charming moment when his drummer disappeared from the stage and Gray had to play an acoustic song instead. He communicated instead through his music, delivering smooth vocals and heartfelt lyrics from the piano bench, or taking center stage, arms extended, delivering the more upbeat songs. His and the crowd’s energy remained high throughout the show, and Gray switched from up-tempo-rock to ballads with ease, and holding the crowd in the historic auditorium rapt throughout.

You can catch a stream of the show here.

Gray is a master of his art, both as a songwriter and as a performer. Be sure to catch him in a city near you, and connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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