Canadian Country Spotlight: Dean Brody


Country music is typically associated with the good ole US of A – specifically the South and the Bible Belt. But let’s not forget, one of the genre’s top-selling artists of all time, Shania Twain, hails from up the country up north. Canada has its own bustling country music community, which acts like a mini Nashville and produces some quality acts you might not ever hear on US radio. The Canadian Country Spotlight, brought to you by our own Markus Meyer of Victoria, B.C.,  gives insight to what Canada has to offer.

Dean Brody is a Canadian country music singer-songwriter from Smithers, British Columbia. He has released 4 albums (Dean Brody, Trail in Life, Dirt, Crop Circles). Brody has released a total of 17 singles, his biggest hits being “Bounty” from his 2013 release Crop Circles and “Canadian Girls” from his 2012 release Dirt. “Bounty” peaked at #1 on the Canadian country chart and #46 on the Canadian Hot 100. “Canadian Girls” peaked at #36 on the Canadian Hot 100 and was certified platinum. Dean Brody charted in America in 2008 with “Brothers” peaking at #26 on the Hot Country Songs chart.

Brody has been nominated and won multiple awards, mainly at the CCMA (Canadian Country Music Association) awards. He won single of the year twice (2009 for “Brothers”, 2011 for “Trail in Life”), Male Vocalist of the Year twice (2012, 2013), Album of the Year twice (2011 for Trail in Life, 2012 for Dirt), Songwriter of the Year in 2011 for “Trail in Life”, and Country Album of the Year for the 2013 Juno Awards with Crop Circles.

While much of Brody’s work isn’t lyrically groundbreaking, it’s still a tier above a lot of the stuff heard on the radio these days and isn’t offensive. Brody is a strong enough vocalist to elevate the material from good to great, and the production is always distinctively country. I have yet to find a weak song on any of his albums – they’re all fantastic.

Dip deeper into Brody’s discography with these essential tracks:

“Dirt Road Scholar” (Dean Brody)
“Trail in Life” (Trail in Life)
“Roll That Barrel Out” (Trail in Life)
“Angelina” (Trail in Life)
“Dirt” (Dirt)
“Canadian Girls” (Dirt)
“Flowers in Her Hands” (Dirt)
“Bounty” feat. Lindi Ortega (Crop Circles)
“Mountain Man” (Crop Circles)
“Another Man’s Gold” (Crop Circles)