Demo of the Week: Wheels (Travis Wood, Paul Reter, Gavin Slate)


Demo of the Week: “Wheels”

Writers: Travis Wood, Paul Reter, and Gavin Slate

Vibe: Hand out an open window, late night McDonalds run, Saturday riverbank trip, finally not having to fight with your parents for control of the radio (and turning it up way too loud)

Key lyrics: “you got wheels / you got all you ever needed / 16 and freedom / you never forget the way that feels / it’s how you get the girl / it’s how you get the world in the palm of your hand”

Could be a good fit for: Dan & Shay, Hunter Hayes, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, Thomas Rhett

X factor: Perfectly captures the excitement of key in the ignition, first time car freedom

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