Demo of the Week: “Good Thing Go” (Andrew Peebles, Brett Sheroky, Andy Wills)

WritersAndrew (Powell) Peebles, Brett Sheroky, Andy Wills

Vibe: Punchy pop-rock production mixed with emotional, tightly-written lyrics

Key lyrics: “Yeah looking back I dropped the ball walking off that field but all in all / It don’t keep me up at night … But you and me / Now that’s a different story / I don’t think / That I’ll get over what we had / Cause that / Is the one thing looking back on I know / I let a good thing go.”

Could be a good fit for: Hunter Hayes, Jacob Davis, Walker Hayes

X factor: It’s catchy as heck, totally radio-ready, and the lyrics’ offer a smart take on a classic theme: looking at love through the rearview mirror.

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