Demo of the Week: “Tell Me ‘Bout Your Life” (Luke Laird, Lori McKenna)

Demo of the Week: “Tell Me ‘Bout Your Life”

Writers: Luke Laird, Lori McKenna

Vibe: Friendly, thoughtful, empathetic, innocent

Key Lyrics: “Put my headlights south on the interstate / Guess I had something I had to prove / That’s probably all you need to know / Didn’t walk in here thinking I’d do this / But the truth is, I wanna know a lot more than just ‘what are you doing tonight.’” 

Could be a good fit for: Thomas Rhett, LANCO, Ashley McBryde, Hannah Dasher

X factor: The small-town lyrics and gentle production showcase the narrator’s get-to-know-you sentiments and convey the truth behind his affection.

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