Drew Baldridge Releases “Rebound” Video

Drew Baldridge released last week the smoky, emotive video for “Rebound,” and the video and the song are electric, taking the viewer on a journey of sexual chemistry and the frustration that can follow. “I hope that you move on but I ain’t your ride / Ain’t your bounce back, go back, keep him off your mind,” Baldridge sings in the bridge. It’s helmed in the frustration of wanting to be more than a fleeting moment, and there’s a plaintiveness to the emotional chorus. Baldridge is joined by co-writer Emily Weisband in the video and on the chorus, trading lines post-chrous “don’t you think we could? it feels so good, boy we should” / “I ain’t your rebound,” and tension throughout the four and a half minute release. Along with Weisband, Baldridge penned the song with Simone Simonton, and the video was directed by Dustin Wise.

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