Eric Church Debuts Reflective “Talladega” Video

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 9.23.57 PM

Eric Church shows off his softer side in the music video for “Talladega” that debuted today.  The video’s reflective sentiment arrives just in time for the holiday season, when photo albums lose their dust and stories are shared at a greater rate than usual.

The Peter Zavadil work was filmed at Nashville Speedway, and uses crisp visuals and a muted color to capture the feeling of nostalgia associated with being at the race track.  Old Super 8mm footage is incorporated into the shots of Church at the speedway to showcase the memories associated with that space.  The way in which the footage is rapidly flashed into the video reflects the sudden and powerful manner in which these memories come to the forefront of our minds.  Props certainly go to Zavadil, Church, and team for creating a video that lives up to the song’s emotive brilliance.



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