Erin Enderlin Showcases Storytelling Prowess on New EP

Those bemoaning the state of country-gone-pop in Nashville might just not be looking in the right places. Last week, Erin Enderlin released a sister EP to her prior release, and Chapter Two: I Can Be Your Whiskey delivers instrumentally, vocally, and as perfect conveyors of great stories.

Enderlin shines on the classic “Old Flames (Can’t Hold A Candle To You)” and kicks up the tempo on “A Man With 18 Wheels.” “I Can Be Your Whiskey,” which Enderlin co-wrote with Sarah Siskind, rounds out the release, showcasing what the Arkansas native does best: songs with depth and character. “I Can Be Your Whiskey” promises a healing touch to a broken heart, delivered in a stunning ballad with gorgeous harmonies and moaning pedal steel. Signature to Enderlin’s work, the emotion seeps from the vocal.

The release follows one our recent favorites, Whiskeytown Crier. Enderlin is also the co-pen behind songs including Alan Jackson’s “Monday Morning Church,” Lee Ann Womack’s “Last Call,” and Luke Bryan’s “You Don’t Know Jack.”

Listen below:

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