Exclusive Premiere: Kyle T. Hurley Releases “The Last Long Ride”

Kyle T. Hurley transports listeners to the Wild West with his new track, “The Last Long Ride,” premiering exclusively on The Shotgun Seat. The song’s melody and rhythm are reminiscent of a slow horse’s gallop, and Hurley’s smooth vocals rest artfully on bed of full electric guitars. The lyrics paint a picturesque story of an old school cowboy – likely inspired by Hurley’s own experiences as a traveling troubadour.

“He’s ridin’ on, the cowboy’s on his last long ride tonight / See him ride / Southern troops he fought for, he watched the Yankees die / A civil man in civil war, asking himself why / Worn out from the battle lines, he went absent without leave / Traveling like the blowin’ dust, protecting peace in the valley.” 

London-based Hurley has spent plenty of time in the Los Angeles music club scene, creating his own version of bluesy, outlaw country. Take a listen to the sultry single below, and follow Kyle T. Hurley on his social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter and his website.

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