Get Closer to Kane Brown

Georgia native Kane Brown has taken his first steps in the music industry, upon the release of his debut EP, Closer. The young musician is not your typical American country artist; his six track EP combines modern country with an old country tone.

Brown has been an active contributor on YouTube for the past year where he posts both original music and covers – one of which is what boosted his career and changed his life. Brown’s cover of Lee Brice’s song ‘I Don’t Dance’ boasts over 85,000 views, and sits among his covers of songs from Johnny Cash to Keith Urban to Luke Bryan.

After releasing his debut EP Closer, Brown answered some of our questions so we can get… closer to him.

Congratulations on the release of your debut EP, Closer! What has the last couple of weeks been like with your new music out?

The last couple of weeks have been exciting. I’m seeing fans that are doing covers of my songs, and the reviews are really positive. I’m really happy!

What has been the general reaction to your music, compared to your usual cover songs?
A lot of positive messages, it’s been great- a lot of positive reviews and getting love.

What was the writing process like for this EP?

The writing process for the EP was amazing, I’ve met a lot of cool and exciting people who I can now call friends.

What do you consider your favorite track off the EP?

I have 3 favorite songs off the EP… “Closer,” “It Turns Me On,” and “Don’t Go City On Me.”

You grew up around Georgia before making your way to Tennessee – when did you make the big move?

I made the move to Tennessee my sophomore year and moved back to Georgia after I graduated.

I read that you had originally planned on being an R&B artist, though that changed after performing a country song for your school talent show in 11th grade. What originally inspired you to pick such a song over your usual style of music?

I grew up on a farm listening to country music. Then when I finally made it to middle school, I started listening to R&B – so it was new to me. I liked it. When I went to sing at the talent show I was told to sing a Chris Young song, and everyone went crazy, so the outcome of that made me wanna keep going with country music.

Was there an experimenting period where you really found your sound, or did you find it all came naturally?

I feel like it just came natural, but it’s slowly changing into more exciting things.

Who would you credit as your biggest inspirations in both genres? 

I love Chris Young and Chris Brown. Put them both together and you have me!

What can fans expect from you over the coming months? 

My fans can expect great music and great shows coming in the next couple months!


You can find Kane Brown’s debut EP, Closer, on iTunes!

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