Green River Ordinance Releases Video for “Red Fire Night”

Combining elements of folk, pop, country and rock Green River Ordinance is gearing up to release its new album January 22nd, 2016.   The first single off of the album, titled Fifteen, is “Red Fire Night“.  Laced with harmonicas and fiddles this catchy tune is one to sing along with.

The video, directed by Sam Ryan, shows the band playing the song in a beautiful open field, which brings the organic vibes to a whole new level.  The old Bronco driving down an empty road accompanies the song perfectly and makes you wish you were sitting shotgun riding along. Scenes of the band’s profiles in the burning fire are some of most poignant showcasing the individual instruments being played.

“‘Red Fire Night’ was written while we were holed up in a cabin on the Caney Fork River in Tennessee,” multi-instrumentalist Jamey Ice tells Cowboys and Indians. “It was inspired by snapshot images of what growing up in Texas was like for us, and the memories of good friends all piling in a Bronco to drive to the middle of nowhere. Those memories have a sense of freedom that we felt important for this song to possess, as well as strong forward motion and energy musically. We also referenced some personal experiences such as the famous Czech Stop gas station off of Interstate 35 that we have stopped at since high school on road trips to Austin.”

Watch the exclusive video above and for more on Green River Ordinance check out their website.

Fifteen is available for pre-order and includes “Red Fire Night” as well as three other instant downloads.



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