Haunting, Soulful, Dark: Lucie Silvas’ “Villain”

“Darling if you’re looking for a villain, I’m willing,” Lucie Silvas sings on her chilling new song, “Villain.” In the video, which she released today, she’s willfully imprisoned, choosing to “take the fall when the walls come down.” Silvas’ vocals are the centerpiece of the haunting song, which features only a simple piano as accompaniment. “Villain” serves as a follow up to Silvas’ recent release “Letters To Ghosts,” both of which will appear on her upcoming album of the same name. Much with the first release, there’s a dark edge to “Villain,” which follows thematically as well – in “Letters To Ghosts,” Silvas has man tied up in the back of her car.

Silvas released a self-titled EP this February, produced by Silvas, John Osborne and Ian Fitchuk.

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