Hidden Gem: Songwriter Donovan Woods

When flipping through music on shuffle, Donovan Woods’ music definitely stands out from the mix. The Canadian singer songwriter’s whispery voice and intensely honest lyrics have lingered their way down to Nashville, and welcomed with open arms. At the age of 33, Woods has made his name known after getting his song “Portland, Maine” cut with Tim McGraw.

This cut gave him leverage with his career, allowing him to get in the room with additional established writers. With this opportunity, Woods has continued to prove himself as a writer. In a song he co-wrote with Grammy nominated songwriter, Jessie Jo Dillon, “It Just Got Weird,” the truthful and simple communication of a falling out is beautifully illustrated. The lyrics “You say I’m just tired / I say what’s that supposed to mean / You say, I don’t know, it doesn’t mean anything” are simple but hold such depth, resonating so much to the casual pair of ears.

Donovan Woods will bring you on an adventure with “Sleep on a Plane,” and then give you a feel good song that he wrote with Todd Clark and Gavin Slate, “Love The Way You Let Me Down.” This song is probably one of his most mainstream sounding songs without compromising intriguing lyrics.

Woods, a definite gem, is striking an interest with more and more artists, bringing him to write in Nashville often. Is there potential for this awesome writer to become an artist himself? I seem to think so. For now, we are blessed to have one of Canada’s greats collaborating with some of ours.

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