Hidden Gem: Trent Tomlinson’s “One Wing In The Fire”

If you’re picking one song to listen to today, throw artist and songwriter Trent Tomlinson’s “One Wing In The Fire” on the top of your list. Released in 2006 as a single from Tomlinson’s record Country is My Rock, the song, which peaked at #11 on Billboard’s Hot Country chart, is expressive and tightly written. “I know his faith is tired / but he’s an angel with no halo and one wing in the fire,” Tomlinson sings on the track. “I know he lives a little left of living right / and he’s come close to going way too far a few times / but I’d trade a thousand prayers if just one prayer would come true / Lord, please believe in him like I believe in you.”

Written with Bobby Pinson, “One Wing In The Fire” is an ode to a father that may not be the best example or have found the right path, but is nonetheless worth salvation. “I know he calls for more forgiveness that most folks do require,” Tomlinson concedes. In a broader sense, it’s about seeing the best in somebody, even though they have their share of their faults, and is expertly written and conveyed.

Tomlinson has also had success as a writer for other artists, with cuts including Parmalee’s “Close Your Eyes,” Sara Evans’ “Missing Missouri,” and George Strait’s “Why Can’t I Leave Her Alone.”

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