Introducing The Tall Pines, Brooklyn’s Electrifying Americana Duo

There are rare moments in time when a new music act comes along, and they sound familiar and fresh all at once. They draw inspiration from great artists of the past, then push it in another direction.

For The Tall Pines, there are obvious comparisons to be made, such as Johnny and June Carter Cash and The Civil Wars. Don’t be too quick to compare, though. The Tall Pines have a different kind of energy. Members Connie Lynn Petruk and Christmas Davis deliver gritty yet soulful folk music that gets your hands clapping and your feet stomping. It’s unlike anything else coming out of Brooklyn—or anywhere, for that matter.

“Fear Is the Devil” is the first single off their upcoming EP of the same name, and it’s as hard-hitting as the title suggests. The song (which you can hear on Soundcloud) takes cues from 1960s and 70s country and adds a twist of swamp rock for good measure. Davis’s low vocals are dark and haunting, while Petruk belts out her proclamation, “I won’t ever be afraid again.” It makes for a beautiful contrast, coming together with a powerful message of bravery and strength.

The Tall Pines will release their Fear Is the Devil EP on November 10. In the meantime, you can catch their live show for free at Jimmy’s No. 43 in New York on October 15.

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