Lacy Cavalier Raises the Bar with Vulnerable Single “Cheating on U”

“Jealousy was never something I believed in / ‘Till you let random girls in the bed I sleep in / And I still wonder why I didn’t leave then.”

Some of the best artistry comes from an ability to be vulnerable, and Lacy Cavalier raises the bar for doing so on her new song, “Cheating on U.” The song is sparse instrumentally, leaving the focus on her expressive vocal and raw lyrics.

In the lyric, Cavalier truly shines: “I still wonder why I didn’t leave then,” she sings of her partner cheating. She confesses the relationship has “left me with some body issues.” And though they’re now broken-up, she wonders, “why does it feel like I’m cheating on you?” Cavalier first released the song via YouTube, where she shared the song as part of a video letter to her ex.

“It was important to me to make it a vlog style video rather than a single release,” she shared on social media. “I wanted it to feel like a one on one conversation. Because this is an uncomfortable, honest conversation that I’ve wanted/needed to have for a long time. I wrote these words and I filmed/edited this video. This is me.”

Grab the song on iTunes or stream below.

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