Lacy Cavalier Starts Strong on Debut EP “Savin’ Pennies, Payin’ Dues”


Lacy Cavalier has been on our radar for some time now and we are so excited that she is releasing her debut EP “Savin’ Pennies, Payin’ Dues” today. As a whole the project displays Cavalier’s determination to make her own way in this business. Her vocals are raw and beautiful, and the production value is country with a saucy touch. The best part about her music is it’s fresh and she doesn’t sound like any female artist out there today.

The EP kicks off with “Waitress,” a sassy ode to working boring day jobs while pursuing your dreams and waiting for the glorious day when you can tell your boss that you quit. The song is catchy without being cliche, and seems like the perfect way to introduce her debut EP.

“Hell I’m patient as a saint y’all / savin’ pennies and payin’ dues / I quit all the time in my mind / just haven’t told the boss the news / Everyday’s my last day, cause my someday is comin’ soon / I just try to adjust my apron springs and my bad attitude.”

Several songs on the project showcase that though she may be young, not even hitting her 20’s yet, she can certainly pull at heart strings and make you feel something.  “Put You Down,” a sultry, almost painful love song about how addicting love can be, even if it’s wrong, is stylistically beyond her years and, as a co-writer on the song, proves she has some real content to sing about. Similarly on “Tell Me About It” her incredible range is demonstrated while expressing that perfect time when a relationship is new and you want to know all you can about that someone – think a new spin on Rascal Flatts’ “Take Me There.” Cavalier tackles love twice on the project here and with “Flat Bill.”

Just in time for the warmer days of summer, “Lazy River” mimics the feelings of being genuinely relaxed, letting your troubles float away. Whether it is a beach vacation or a trip to the lake “Lazy River” is the soundtrack to your summer hang. The brightest spot on the EP is the finger snapping, retro “1953.” Cavalier co-wrote the song with Autumn McEntire and Chris Roberts, a sassy uptempo that eschews any male expectations of domestic life.

“I don’t do housewife and this ain’t 1953 / I look good in an apron but I can’t cook and I sure don’t clean / I love your mamma but I ain’t your mamma / I’m a Tammy Wynette, stand by my man / but I ain’t no Donna Reed and this ain’t 1953.”

Sounding more like a seasoned veteran then a newcomer in country music, check out Cavalier’s EP here on iTunes or take a listen below.

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