Must-Listens for September: The Shotgun Seat Team Picks

This month’s roundup is all about country’s newest dudes: check out our favorites from Chase Rice, Logan Mize, Lewis Brice, The Cadillac Three, and Walker Hayes.

Lydia:  “Love Me Like Liquor” by The Cadillac Three

“Love Me Like Liquor” featuring Lori McKenna is seductive, smooth and captivates you from the very first line. The combination of McKenna’s falsetto harmony along with the iconic sound of front man Jared Johnson work incredibly well together.  The song was written by Johnston, McKenna and Neil Mason and while one may think it an odd collaboration, it works perfectly.  The lyrics are smart and straight shooting just like the songwriters.  This is a collaboration I hope we see again soon.

Key Lyrics: “Love me like liquor babe, mess me up / I need a 120 proof of your love, talkin’ knock down spinnin’, black out grinnin’ / Drown me, yeah drown me / I want to shoot you straight, no chaser / Feel you in the morning then a little later.  Do it all again, empty bottles all around me.  Love me like liquor.”  

Annie: “Rob You Blind” by Lewis Brice

Ever feel particularly badass? Like you want to run a high fourth gear? Weave through traffic, wind in your hair? Squeal the tires as you pull up to the liquor store, hold up the place, walk out in stilettos with a giant duffel bag of cash as the place explodes in flames behind you? (Too far?)

Lewis Brice’s “Rob You Blind” is Michael-Bay-level high-octane, a rock-and-gospel-infused sonic explosion that is compelling, impressive, and volume-up. I’d stick around to use more fire metaphors, but instead I’m hitting the gas pedal with this song busting out my speakers. Catch me if you can.

Markus: “Three Chords & The  Truth” by Chase Rice

In one of the bigger surprises of the year, Chase Rice has given us what is easily his best radio offering to-date. While still relying on the thematic crutch of “good time partying”, he paints a more vivid picture of the power of music, and what it’s meant to him throughout his journey. The imagery is strong, while the storytelling blends seamlessly into the track’s anthemic qualities. The production is modern without crossing the line, while restrained enough to allow the vocal and the lyric to shine through. Rice puts in a very respectable performance, and the melody more than pulls its weight. Chase Rice has consistently put out music that was way below what he’s capable of, and stuff that would rank among mainstream country’s worst offenders. However, “Three Chords &  The Truth” is a legitimately strong effort and one that represents a huge step forward for Rice as an artist.

Lisa: “Halloween” by Walker Hayes (feat. Nicolle Galyon) 

This song is no trick, but it is definitely a treat with a feature by Nicolle Galyon. Walker Hayes’ raw lyrics about living life hiding behind masks accompanied by a catchy chorus sung by Galyon make for the perfect combination.
Key lyrics: “Then I knock-knock-knocked on your door / Every mask I ever wore / Shattered like glass on the floor.”

Natalie: “Cool Girl” by Logan Mize
For some reason, I cannot get enough of this song. The lyrics are ultimately pretty simple – classic girl acts way too cool for school, so guy feels inadequate in her presence even though he has so much to offer, etc. But something about the echoing production in the chorus turns it into a party-starter rock jam, but Mize’s earnest vocal delivery and honest lyrics throughout quickly get the listener behind his emotional plea for aforementioned *cool girl* to notice him. I’m all about it. Written with Daniel Tashian, it’s one of three tracks Mize cowrote on his new album, Come Back Road.

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