Native Run Tease New Album on Instagram

Native Run

Big news for Native Run fans! The duo, composed of Rachel Beauregard and Bryan Dawley, posted a mysterious teaser on Instagram today announcing that they’re set to release a new album soon. Native Run’s current EP, Good On You, showcases an insturment-driven sound through placing heavy emphasis on the acoustic guitar, banjo and mandolin. If the clip is any indication, the upcoming release will continue to set the duo apart through their musical wizardry on stringed instruments.

Songwriting powerhouse, Luke Laird (“So Small,” “Give Me Back My Hometown,” “Pontoon”) is behind the duo, as their producer and publisher. He says of the duo,”They have a hard to find combination. Bryan is a session-level musician. Rachel is a great vocalist and they’re both great writers.” He continues, “I was instantly drawn to that credibility – they have the chops. Plus, they can really deliver in a live setting and are so seasoned. They have that performer’s sensibility in knowing what fans will react to.”

It’s no doubt that fans will be in for a treat as they continue to reveal sneak peeks of the album over the course of the next few months.  In the meantime, check out our fun interview with Native Run to learn more about their impeccable hair, touring with David Nail, and sharks named Chester!


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