Premiere: Behind the Song – Amy Wilcox’s “The Runnin'”

Artist and songwriter Amy Wilcox released her six-song EP West last month, featuring her song “The Runnin'”, a co-write between her and Cass Dillon. She exclusively shares the story behind “The Runnin'” and the geographical bounds that inspired it. Read more about her EP West and watch below:

“When West began, I was in the process of pulling myself out of a tough period in my life. I was in an emotional rut after a really tough breakup, which was affecting my creativity and my momentum in my career,” Wilcox shares. “I knew I had to make some conscious changes to shake off that energy and start a new adventure. I started coming out to Los Angeles to write and work with new people, and that was a huge inspiration to me. I loved being on the ocean and close to the Laurel Canyon spirit that was responsible for all the music I was raised on. “The Runnin’” came about after I was full speed ahead working on West. I met a guy who was commuting every week between Chicago and LA, and I was pretty much doing the same between LA and Nashville. It seemed like an implausible romance, but we just went with the flow. We were both very busy in our careers, which can often be the demise of a new relationship, but we decided to not focus on the outcome, and just enjoy the journey! This song really encompasses the spirt of West. The process of creating this EP was a journey of self discovery, taking a step back, looking at my life and my music, and making conscious decisions to find exactly who I wanted to be. I rose out of a tough period in my life and started creating new experiences. Once I was ready to start recording, my producer and I went out to a cabin on this beautiful lake, set up a studio on the kitchen table, and got to work. This EP is hopeful and energetic and I pray this music gives people the confidence to take control of their own destiny!”

Listen to “The Runnin'” on Wilcox’s EP West:


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