Prophets and Outlaws Deliver Strong EP ‘V’

Prophets and Outlaws - TSS

Texas-based band Prophets and Outlaws, an up-and-coming group that mixes elements of country, soul, blues and rock together at once, offers effective and memorable music that is both parts fun and thoughtful on their new EP V.

The songs on this EP are well-written ones, often uptempo and occasionally taking on a more melancholic feel thematically. The best example of this would be “Lonely,” with its strong harmonies and mid-tempo production giving off a sentiment that wonderfully blends regret with acceptance, featuring a rather sorrowful set of lyrics. Another standout would be the self-aware “Outlaw Like Me,” which offers a strong message and a sincere performance.

Every time a recording is sung, it is with complete, unquestioned sincerity, and it’s those performances that arguably make the EP. Along with strong technical ability, the vocals cannot be scrutinized in the slightest. Package all that together with tight production that finds thick guitars playing well off of each other, you have one hell of a musical project that, while certainly not for those expecting traditional country music, paints a strong portrait of this group’s talent.

Grab the EP on iTunes.

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