Review: Canaan Smith’s Newest Single “Hole In A Bottle”


Artist to watch Canaan Smith secured his spot in country radio when his debut single, “Love You Like That” climbed to the top of the country charts. Smith’s new album was released this past June, titled Bronco. His newest single “Hole In A Bottle” seems to be following the same catchy, upbeat track as his first single, hopefully all the way to the number one spot.

Using wordplay without being too kitschy, Smith crafts a song that you won’t be able to turn off. He did not write this song alone, teaming with songwriters Dan Couch, (“Hey Pretty Girl” and “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” for Kip Moore) and Brett Beavers, who co-wrote “Love You Like That.” Couch told The Shotgun Seat in an exclusive interview how great it was to sit with Smith and Beavers and write this song. “Canaan is super musical and builds killer tracks on a ProTools rig at home and plays instruments and sings,” Couch says. “Add that to Brett Beavers, who is a masterful hit songwriter – it was a really cool day to be able to sit down with those guys and the three of us bring talents to the table and come out with something that we’re all so excited about and that the label’s so excited about.” Couch told us he feels so lucky to be close friends and musical colleagues with Smith, and to watch Smith’s career unfold since he is such a hard working artist.

“Hole In A Bottle” is clearly an anthem for a night of partying after a long week of work. The verses describe perfectly the types of fans listening to this song, to the cowboy who chews tobacco and has holes in his boots, the hard workers with holes in their jeans to the hole in the wall where he and his buddies hang out. “Hole In A Bottle” is the quintessential blue collar drinking song.

Although not the most emotionally deep song, it culminates in the bridge, “I don’t care if it’s from Tennessee Kentucky or Denver, Colorado / Make it from wheat, make it from corn I don’t really care / Just make it pour / From that hole in a bottle.” Drums and electric guitar rifts play a strong role in the song but do not overpower the melody as Smith’s twangy vocals keep it country.

Take a listen to “Hole In A Bottle” below and read more about the new album Bronco here.

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