On the Verge: Kalie Shorr’s Candy-Coated Country is Empowering Women


Portland, Maine native Kalie Shorr may look like an innocent young lady, but she certainly packs some punch with her first radio hit, “Fight Like a Girl.” With all different branches of country music emerging these days, girl pop country seems to be doing particularly well. Kelsea Ballerini had her first two singles go to the top of the charts and at The Shotgun Seat we feel Kalie Shorr may be following in her footsteps.

“I’m perfume sweet and whiskey strong / I damn sure ain’t no underdog / I might fall down but I get back up / and I shine brightest when the going’s tough /  Say I can’t, well darlin’ watch me / You can’t stop me cause I fight like a girl”

While the term “you fight like a girl” usually is an insult thrown by stupid boys, Shorr turns it around, explaining she will take any challenge head on wearing high heels. Whether you are standing up to your male boss, your controlling boyfriend or even fighting cancer, Shorr’s single is an anthem for anyone feeling like they need encouragement. In the comments of her video, for instance, a woman describes how this song has helped her battle Stage 4 breast cancer, giving her that extra strength when she needs it. One can imagine how empowering it must be for her to turn up the radio as loud as it goes and sing the words, as she strongly competes in the fight of her life.

Shorr wrote the song with friends Hailey Steele and Lena Stone. It started out as Sirius XM The Highway’s YouTube Country Spotlight, and is now climbing the charts on it’s weekly Hot 30 Countdown.

“Fight Like a Girl” connects with women of all ages. Watch the video below and follow Shorr on her social media platforms: InstagramTwitter and on her website.

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  1. We have a Super Star in the making here. One of the best Female guitar players around who also harnesses her creativity to write the songs we need to hear. Very inspiring. Maine is very proud of our Maineah in Nashville…

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