Watch Carly Tefft’s Video for “Better Off At A Bar”

Ever get too in your own head about something? Perhaps the what-ifs of the beginning of a relationship? Carly Tefft has, as beautifully demonstrated on her new song, “Better Off At A Bar.” With rich vocals and lyrical dexterity, the New England native shares the emotional drama of letting your mind get the better of you.

“The idea for the video came right after we finished the song in the studio,” Tefft shares. “The internal conflict of wanting to wait on someone to reciprocate feelings in a relationships, but knowing it may be better to move on is a relatable topic. I felt like after reading through my lyrics and going through these experiences myself that being alone in your home with your thoughts bouncing around inside your head is one of the most vulnerable ways to show this struggle. The slow motion idea was all thanks to the talented Brooke Alex who came over with some great thoughts. It was pretty funny to film; singing the song in double time while trying to play along/lipsync along while trying to show emotion! She really helped get the song’s story line across in a simple, yet unique fashion. PS… Jason was just a random name we decided upon for the last “real speed time” phone call scene and had nothing to do with any of the inspiration for the song!”

Watch the video below:

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