• Devin Dawson Showcases Sunny and Somber Sides with Two New Songs

    California native Devin Dawson is poised to take country music by storm with the release of his two latest songs, “All On Me” and “Secondhand Hurt.” The former finds Dawson breezy and buoyant, his vocals a ray of sunshine for those in turbulent waters. “You’ve got my number, you can call on me / If you’re in trouble put the fall on me / When you’re mad, you can take it out on me / When it don’t add up, you can count on me,” Dawson begins the chorus, concluding, “When it gets heavy, put the weight on me / baby, put it all on me.” Dawson, who at times feels like a musical sibling to Gavin DeGraw, John Mayer, and Brett Eldredge, brings soulful vocals to round out the track.

    On “Secondhand Hurt,” Dawson slows down and digs deep, for an emotive offering full of breathy vocals and tight writing. “It’s been three months / Since I lit one up / But I needed something on my lips to get me through,” he begins. “If I was the one who called it quits / Why in the hell do I feel like this / If saying goodbye was for the best, then tell me why am I such a goddamn mess / If I was the one who broke your heart / Why am I so torn apart / If I was the one the one who lit our love and let it burn / Why am I breathing in this secondhand hurt?” Produced by Jay Joyce, the guitars are crisp, tight percussion that punctuate smooth vocals.

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