• Get to Know Georgia Native Eric Dodd


    Growing up in Greensboro, Georgia in the 90’s, Eric Dodd was exposed to all different genres, especially country. He told us about his influences, his great appreciation for his fans, and his brand new EP, Fun Fire Rain, in a recent chat with The Shotgun Seat. At a young age, Dodd felt the itch to have a career as an artist and songwriter; he started writing down his thoughts and turning them into songs at age thirteen. “I played golf for two years at Georgia College but music was taking me away from college athletics and music sort of won,” he recalls. “I don’t think it was a defining moment but I feel like music chose me.”

    Recalling his brother being his biggest influence as far as music goes, riding to school everyday listening to the likes of Tupac, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, and, of course, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, by the time he reached college his musical taste was well rounded. “I was drawn to it and to the different sounds from the multitude of genres, which I really think speaks to what we hear on country radio now,” he explains. He credits classic 90’s country, especially Tim McGraw, for being the soundtrack of his youth.

    Dodd observes an interesting trend: the popular country artists of modern times grew up having all different genres at their finger tips, allowing for diversity and fluidity to creep into their songwriting and creative process when releasing new music. In his debut EP, Fun Fire Rain, his influences are clearly displayed. While each of the five tracks are sonically traditional country, he feels the EP does tell the story of his influences. “I feel it tells a story of who I am, and my hope was it speaks to people and hits people in a good way and all that good stuff,” he says.
    As a songwriter, Dodd wanted to make sure that his first offering was cohesive and well rounded. Although he has a catalog of over four hundred, it just so happens that the songs he chose were written by the same writers. Thomas Archer and Bruce Wallce co-wrote five of the six tracks with Dodd. “It certainly didn’t feel like work, what we were doing, we were having such a good time coming up with these tunes,” he recalls. The EP has love, heartbreak, and of course a party song, to give each fan something to listen to. “I like to tell a story with an EP or a full length and I think we captured a lot of cool moments and feelings,” he says. “Hopefully it takes you on a rollercoaster ride.”

    The first single off of Fun Fire Rain, “Outskirts,” highlights the typical weekend out in the country, kicking back and enjoying life. The video, which was fan voted to the top of the CMT’s 12pack Countdown, features just that. “It was a heck of a fun process and I wanted to keep it really relaxed and honestly we just had a couple of parties, and just being back home after working all week and that is exactly what most of my friends do on the weekends, get out of town and let your hair down,” he says of shooting his first music video. He tells us how the overwhelming support for the video was unbelievable. He thanked his loyal fans for being as excited as he was to finally release this music and the video.

    Dodd plans to play shows in the South-Eastern Conference for the remainder of the fall season, coinciding with the football schedule. He tells us that he is always thinking towards the future, constantly writing new music and hoping for a his debut full length album to be released in 2017.


    To keep up with Eric Dodd check out his social media platforms, Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram. and check out Fun Fire Rain below.