Hear Jillian Jacqueline’s Powerful, Challenging “Hate Me”

Jillian Jacqueline brings the magic with her progressive new single “Hate Me,” co-written with Tofer Brown and Hillary Lindsey. Jacqueline signed with Big Loud Records in March 2017, and recently released her debut single “Reasons”.

“Hate Me” is the perfect showcase of Jacqueline’s signature breathy, effortless vocals. Her delivery is effortless yet strong, and at the 2:20 mark, Jacqueline steps it up a notch and utilizes her full range while maintaining just enough control. The instrumentals and production are what really set the song’s sound apart. The vocals give an ethereal feel, while the steel guitar and consistent, military-like snare drum part keep the song grounded.

The lyrics are pained and angry – Jacqueline begs a now-ex to make a clean cut instead of dragging out the breakup process – but despite the drama and emotion, they’re never cliche.

Key Lyrics:We’ll both be better off if you just come on and hate me / Tell me you regret you ever met me / Make sure that it hurts right as I’m leavin’ / Make me believe that you never even really ever loved me / Come on baby hate me.