• Hidden Gem: Tim McGraw’s “Last Turn Home”


    “Last Turn Home” can be found on Tim McGraw’s 2014 Sundown Heaven Town album.  Written by Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris and Eric Arjes, the song’s subject matter is tried-and-true: the story of a man returning home to his wife and family after being out on the road.  “Home” is the key to the story – a safe haven for a life lived far away from it.  In the video “Last Turn Home/Inside the Song,” McGraw explains that he loved the “epic” and “anthemic” song from the beginning. He describes his personal interpretation of the song: “For me it’s like I picture pulling in down this dirt road, this long dirt driveway and getting out and your kids running to meet you and your family running to meet you. It’s not just that sense of just wanting to get home and wanting to get to your safety and I think it’s a universal emotion.” He adds, “If you don’t have that, you want it.”

    Co-writer Ryan Hurd describes his own feeling of coming home in his video “Ryan Hurd: Volume 2”: “Maybe it’s because I’m nostalgic to a fault.  Maybe it’s because what I’ve discovered over time is that home is always something of a moving target… these places are hollow without laughter and sadness, the memories of who you are and who you were.  They’re like that last turn home, my version of perfect.”

    “Last Turn Home” will leave you feeling nostalgic and with a sense of warmth in your soul.  Key lyrics:  “Somewhere familiar, a safe place to land / That feeling you get when you’re finally coming back / I got all these burdens rollin’ round in my head / Once I round that corner girl, you put ’em all to rest.”