Huckle Chat Recap: Levi Hummon Chats about His Favorite Food, His Dogs & Kicking Off CMAFest



During our weekly Huckle chat on Wednesday night, we had the opportunity to have singer/songwriter Levi Hummon chat with our readers and twitter followers.Β  He answered questions and sent us pictures of his adorable puppies and even told us what his favorite food is.

Below are some of our favorite reader questions from the event.

@theshotgunseat: Hey @levihummon thank you so much for chatting with us tonight!

@levihummon: What up y’all! Levi here. Shoot me any questions you got 1

@amandaquinton:Β  Hey Levi!! I have a question! What’s your favorite song for “summer”

@levihummon: Thanks @amandaquinton I love a lot of 90s throwback! So WEEZER for sure or like “Stacys Mom” is a great jam.

@thatssofetch: @levihummon just hangin! How often do you google yourself?

@levihummon: I’d say like once a week just to see if I missed any articles/to make sure nothing weird is one there lol

@mrsenorhill: @levihummon where would you most want to play a show that you haven’t?

@levihummon: I would love to play Red Rocks!

@17countrygirl7: @levihummon what’s your favorite food?

@levihummon: wow! Tough one… Probably cheap Mexican haha. That or some amazing BBQ!

@thatssofetch: @levihummon what’s one song you wish you had written?

@levihummon: hmmmm “Humble And Kind” by Tim McGraw for sure!

@thatssofetch: @levihummon lets say you had to do a country cover of a non-country song, what song would you choose?

@levihummon: probably do some by like Ed Sheeran πŸ™‚ I dig his song “Don’t”

@sam_sanders7: Which show that you’ve played have you been most nervous for?

@levihummon: hmmm probably when I opened up for Sam Hunt on New Years there was a ton of screaming gals

@theshotgunseat: @levihummon tell us how the Guts and Glory tour went!

@levihummon: we literally were on the road for the last five weeks intense!

@theshotgunseat: @levihummon which was your favorite stop during those 5 weeks?

@levihummon: loved visiting Seattle and loved Texas!

@amandaquinton: Any big shows coming up?

@levihummon: yeah kicking off CMA fest this Tuesday with Kelsea Ballerini and Jon Pardi and Saturday afternoon at CMA fest playing the Hard Rock

image1@17countrygirl7: How many dogs do you have?

@levihummon: I’ve got two dogs named sage and coco πŸ™‚ Both rescues πŸ™‚

@theshotgunseat: @levihummon can we look forward to a full length album soon? We loooove the EP!

@levihummon: so I just put out the #LeviHummonEP and the reactions have been amazing and getting on Sirius XM and recently the New Boots Playlist on Spotify was awesome!

@lindslonghorn96: @levihummon hi Levi thanks for doing this! What’s been the biggest surprise of being an up and coming star

@levihummon: @lindslonghorn96 so I just put out the #LeviHummonEP and the reactions have been amazing.

@17countrygirl7: What’s your favorite ice cream!!

@levihummon: My favorite ice cream?! Tough question probably mint chocolate chip πŸ™‚

@theshotgunseat: @levihummon thank you so much for chatting with us! We hope to see you this summer and goodluck at CMAfest!

@levihummon: Alright y’all! I’m off to go write some songs and hang out with the puppies. Follow me on Twitter, insta, and snapchat @ levihummonmusic3

@theshotgunseat: Thanks everyone for joining in! We do these fun chats once a week and would love you all to join in with us!


We want to thank Levi Hummon and all of our readers that participated in our conversation!

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