Intervew: Brothers Osborne Chat About Their Grammy Nomination and Their Debut Album

Photo Cred: Jim Wright
Photo Credit: Jim Wright


With their debut album being released this Friday, January 15th and touring all over the country with Jon Pardi on the All Time High Tour, the Brothers Osborne are certainly busy.  We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with them about all of the exciting things happening in their lives.

Pawn Shop, they share, is a collection of songs they have written over the past four years. “At the end of the day we wanted to make a record that was true to who we are and that is very genuine and authentic regardless of trends,” they say. “We weren’t chasing anything, we were just trying to have fun in the studio and record music that we could hang our hats on for the rest of our lives. We are so proud of this album.”  The duo grew up playing music in Maryland with the rest of their family and then decided to start writing songs for themselves and working together towards a goal of being country artists with substance and longevity.

We had to ask John and TJ where they were and what their reactions were when they found out about their Grammy nomination for Best Country Duo/Group Performance for their hit single “Stay A Little Longer.”  John, who found out first, tells us, “Well we didn’t know, and this is the honest truth, we didn’t know we were even remotely in the running for being nominated. It did not even enter our minds one time, ever and people don’t believe us – they think we are being humble but that’s the truth – so much in fact that we did not even know that they were announcing the nominees that morning, we had no idea.” John’s wife, Lucie Silvas, woke him up that morning yelling his name and he thought that the house was on fire or someone was trying to break into their home. “She was looking at her phone and she’s like “John, you guys are nominated for a Grammy” and I said ‘No, that cant be right, you must be misreading that!’ when I opened my phone I had 50 missed texts and was like ‘Oh my God maybe we did get nominated for a Grammy!'” He immediately then texted TJ who was still sleeping, saying, “Wake up you idiot you were nominated for a Grammy!”


On top of that, the Grammy nominations were announced over a month before their album is being released. “My brother and I had a very slow climb to where we are but we did it by being ourselves and not selling out and not pandering and to get a Grammy nod in the midst of that is one of the highest honors,” they say. Be sure to watch the 2016 Grammy Awards on February 15th at 8 PM ET on CBS to see John and TJ.

They also discussed their experience touring with big artists such as Eric Church, Darius Rucker and Little Big Town. We asked what they have learned from watching such seasoned performers night after night. “First and foremost your fans are the most important thing, above all else. When you see Eric Church, Darius Rucker or Little Big Town or really everybody that we have toured with for that matter, when they perform they are onstage giving themselves to their fans.”

Currently the openers for Jon Pardi, Brothers Osborne give all the have when performing and we can’t wait to see the fans reaction to Pawn Shop and all that these two Maryland boys have to offer country music in the future.

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You can also preorder Pawn Shop on iTunes.