• Interview: Adam Sanders Chats Songwriting Roots & Touring with Cam


    Florida native Adam Sanders has come a long way from singing in church. He told us in a recent interview that there wasn’t much to do in his small town, so music found its way into his life early on. Recalling a story his mother loves to tell, Sanders explains that she proudly says he was singing before he could even talk.

    As a songwriter, Sanders has already experienced the thrill of a number one smash. He co-wrote “Ain’t Worth the Whiskey,” recorded by his college buddy Cole Swindell. The song truly changed his life, he explains: “I wrote it several years back with Cole and our buddy Josh Martin, who is actually responsible for the title. At the time, we were all just young, hungry writers with not much going on, when one evening before Josh’s night shift as a security guard officer at Belmont, it all came together.” The song was put on hold by several different artists, but never reached a recording booth. “We all used to joke that whoever got a record deal first out of the three of us would put out the song as a single, but little did we know that’s exactly how it happened,” Sanders recalls. “I guess some things are just meant to be, and happen the way they’re supposed to.”

    Sanders is wrapping up an opening gig on Cam’s “Burning House Tour” – he says he had an absolute blast: “Both [Cam] and her whole crew have welcomed me in like family and have been nothing short of amazing.” The tour served as an opportunity to acquire new fans from across the country, so Sanders jam-packed his set with his original songs as well as popular covers.

    His newest single, “I’ve Been Meaning to Call,” is emotionally rewarding. It tells the tale of growing up and describes how quickly life goes by: “Well I know I don’t call you near enough / It’s alright don’t be tearing up / Just know I’m out here doing fine and you’re always on my mind / Well I’ve been meaning to call.”  The heartfelt message, along with Sander’s signature twang, makes it a quintessential country song.

    With some touring now under his belt, Sanders is excited about the coming year. Fans can look forward to new music and “definitely” more shows, he says.  Keep up with Adam Sanders on his website, Twitter, and Instagram.