Lindsay Ell’s New EP is ‘Worth the Wait’

Lindsay Ell has it all. She’s a soulful singer, fantastic guitar player, and intelligent songwriter and her newly released Worth The Wait perfectly showcases her many talents. Released on Friday, March 24, the EP features six new songs from Ell that expand her sound onto a more solid rock-and-roll ground. Lucky for us, the whole EP relies a lot on Ell’s guitar skills even more than her previous releases. The opening track “Waiting on You” has a bright and funky feel, thanks to the guitar line that sets the tone right away. To contrast the rock guitar on some of the other tracks, Ell provides a pretty, detailed fingerpicking part on “Worth the Wait,” which she cowrote with Travis Meadows.

“Criminal” is perhaps the catchiest song on the EP, written by Ell, Fred Wilhelm and Chris Stevens. It’s a laid-back rock song featuring clever lyrics and a memorable chorus, making it an obvious potential choice for Ell’s next single. “Space” (written by Caitlyn Smith, Maggie Chapman, and Heather Morgan) is a more gut-wrenching, heartbreaking song that shows Ell’s bluesy side. This song has a tremendous amount of gravitas and is sure to be even more incredible in a live setting. Ell also includes a cover of John Mayer’s “Stop this Train,” which she makes her own with effortless vocal nuances.

Find Worth The Wait by Lindsay Ell on iTunes and Amazon.