Listen: Sam Hunt’s Surprise NYE Release “Drinkin’ Too Much”

Sam Hunt fans had another reason to celebrate the New Year: a surprise release of new song “Drinkin’ Too Much” via his social media accounts. Hunt released two versions of the songs, one more heavily produced and one acoustic – but both highlight his now-signature “talk-sing” vocal style. The ballad is an apology to his ex-girlfriend, Hannah Lee Fowler, who was the inspiration behind much of his Montevallo album.

Key lyrics:
I’m sorry I named the album Montevallo / I’m sorry people know your name now and strangers hit you up on social media / I’m sorry you can’t listen to the radio . . . I know you want your privacy, and you’ve got nothing to say to me / But I wish you’d let me pay off your student loans with these songs you gave to me.”

The song is an honest, humbling, remorseful love letter that will leave you hoping that recent rumors of a reconciliation and engagement may be true. Listen to “Drinkin’ Too Much” below.