• Little Big Town Releases Breakup Ballad “When Someone Stops Loving You”

    Little Big Town pulls out all the stops with their latest release “When Someone Stops Loving You.”  The song appears on their forthcoming album The Breaker and was written by Hillary Lindsey, Chase McGill and Lori McKenna.  It’s a breakup ballad that punches you directly in the gut, describing with great detail the reality of how life continues around you while you find yourself barely functioning after a devastating breakup.

    With Jimi Westbrook on lead vocals, the song beautifully connects the feelings of despair, loneliness, and then moving on.  Westbrook’s vocals exude a genuine feeling of heartbreak and the pain that you’re reminded of with every memory you’ve shared.

    Key lyrics: “When someone stops loving you / It don’t make the evening news / It don’t keep the sun from rising / The clock from winding / Your heart from beating / Even when you want it to / When someone stops loving you”

    'When Someone Stops Loving You' from the studio. #thebreaker

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    The Breaker is scheduled for release on February 24th and is available for pre-order on iTunes.