Little Big Town’s “We Went to the Beach” is a Trip Down Memory Lane


Little Big Town is just two weeks away from the release of The Breaker, their eighth studio album. “We Went to the Beach” offers a different sound than fans may be used to, as it features Phillip Sweet on lead vocals. It’s the third preview off the forthcoming album, and was written by Matt Jenkins, Chase McGill and Laura Veltz. The ability to feature other members of the group is one of Little Big Town’s greatest strengths, and allows them to add variety in their music.

“We Went to the Beach” is a melodic journey through a lifetime filled with precious memories, centered around vacations spent at the beach. Each phase of life is tied to a chorus and backed by the group’s signature harmonies. The song is a virtual photo album, filled with snapshots of unforgettable road trips, packed-to-the-brim family cars, and favorite local spots. The inevitable transition from childhood to adolescence and then into adulthood are all addressed beautifully in the track.

Key lyrics: “And those polaroids of me and the boys is all the proof I need / We went to the beach.”

The Breaker is due out on February 24th and is available for pre-order on iTunes.