“The Swon Brothers” Is the Start to a Promising Career


The Swon Brothers’ self-titled album is a building block for a promising career. The new album creates a solid foundation by showcasing the Colton and Zach Swon’s fantastic harmonization with uniquely relatable lyrics.

The first single, “Later On” gained popularity for its catchy tune and memorable lyrics and won the brothers a nomination for the CMA Award of Vocal Duo of the Year. Although “Later On” possessed little more than average vocals, the brothers’ enthusiasm and the song’s story-telling lyrics won the hearts of American Country fans.

 “Pray For You,” the second single from the new album, shows a softer side as the brothers begin to mix more of their faith into their music. The second single is no less catchy and has even more relatable lyrical allusions. After all, everyone has been in a place, at some point in their lives, where “you need more than whiskey, [and] wisdom just won’t do.”

 “Chasing You Around” and “Songs That Said It All” are also perfect examples of the brothers’ story-telling abilities. Despite their misleading titles, these songs expertly describe the difficult moments of humanity and ask the questions that people usually run from.

 Another unique aspect of the album, especially for current country music, is that there is a distinct lack of partying and drinking in any of the lyrics. The album instead focuses on themes of romantic, PG-13 moments or hymn-quality, “it will get better” songs like “Pray For You.”

Fans of the single “Later On” will enjoy “95” and “Pretty Beautiful,” which are sweet, fun songs and  have a similar sound to the single. Each one, especially “95,” is an ideal song to listen to while driving with the windows down on a warm fall day.

Probably the most prominent song on the album is “This Side Of Heaven,” which describes different moments in life when horrid things happen to great people, such as cancer attacking a child. The touching songs ends with the promising lyric of “only this side of Heaven is Hell.” “This Side Of Heaven” truly stands out by delivering this kind of heartfelt message that isn’t common in popular country now. In addition, the song contains an uncredited guest appearance by Carrie Underwood, who grew up near the brothers in Oklahoma. Underwood helped support the brothers’ message by lending her credibility and vocals.

Overall, the Swon Brothers’ new album is perfect starting point for developing a solid career. In it, the brothers prove they have the harmony and emotional charisma to connect with listeners on several topics.

The Swon Brothers have also found a way to stand out in the midst of a genre riddled by drinking songs and bar ballads. With more experience, the brothers will be able to build on this foundation to create a truly memorable career.

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