Rock Infused ‘New Schematics’ Release Debut Single

A new band that is stirring a lot of excitement is “The New Schematics.” The duo made up of Cory Bishop, and Michael Bare, bring a compelling sound to the stage that is definitely drawn from their influences of Coldplay and U2.

Cory and Michael, stumbled upon their music career together after meeting at a Christmas party in 2013, a few years after they each graduated college. They toured 100 dates in 2014 in their outdated tour van that was purchased in exchange for Cory’s car. After diving down individual career paths, the two decided that the electricity occurred when both Cory and Michael performed and wrote together. And like that, The New Schematics were born.

Their country storytelling lyrics linger along a rock melody line that conveys an undeniable passion. Their single released to the public today, “Born Without Borders,” will submit you into a craving for more.

“It’s why I live, It’s why I leave / It’s safe to say it’s apart of me / I was born without borders.”

The way the melody is arranged is in a way where it pulls you in and keeps you hanging. The unique qualities of both of these young men will keep you hooked. It is honest and the quality of the music is fulfilling.

The New Schematics will be premiering their new record at The Basement East at 9pm on May 11.