Watch Jillian Jacqueline’s Refreshing New Video for “Somebody”

Jillian Jacqueline marches to the beat of her own drum. When everyone else shows up to the party in a short dress, she’s rocking a cute suit and tie. And her originality is exquisitely celebrated in her newest video for “Somebody,” a track that was featured last week on Amazon’s “Love Me” Valentine’s playlist. This video is essentially made up entirely of B-roll footage and outtakes of Jacqueline frolicking around New York City.

The simplicity of the concept is refreshing and fun. Scenes mainly center around a boat, complete with kitchy wood paneling, porthole windows showing the cityscape, vintage costumes and retro blue vinyl chairs. The other shots feature Jacqueline in the back of a cab hamming for the camera, running through the subway tunnels, and dancing through a snowy alley in the dim lights of local shops. Jacqueline’s performance absolutely glows with the excitement of future possibilities and the confidence that comes with knowing exactly who you are.

Watch the video below, and find purchasing information here.